The VOOPOO DRAG M100S Mod Kit has recently hit the market, offering an impressive array of features and improvements over its predecessor, the VOOPOO DRAG 4. In this review, we'll delve into the key aspects of this single-battery Mod device, including its design, performance, and a comparison with the DRAG 4. We'll also discuss its sub-ohm vaping capabilities and pricing and provide a balanced overview of its pros and cons. Additionally, we'll explore where you can find the newest VOOPOO DRAG M100S Mod Kits for wholesale purposes.

    What's New in VOOPOO Drag M100S Mod Kit?

    The VOOPOO DRAG M100S is an exciting addition to the DRAG 4 series, featuring a sleek single-battery mod device, which is more compact than the Drag 4 version. With a maximum output power of 100W, it delivers satisfying vapor production. The mod showcases solid wood and an anti-glare matte finish, exemplifying VOOPOO's commitment to premium quality and aesthetics. Apart from New TC, energy-saving ECO, and Smart modes, Drag M100S is available in Wattage mode.   

    Both tank and coils remain the best setting as Drag 4 box mode kit. The UFORCE-L Tank features a leakproof top airflow design for a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. As to the innovative PnP Dual In-One coil, you can expect exceptional flavor and vapor production. With the DRAG M100S, you can enjoy legendary tastes and dynamic experiences, all in the palm of your hand.

    Design And Build Quality

    The DRAG M100S exhibits a compact and portable form factor while maintaining a visually striking design. Its chassis, constructed from durable zinc alloy, provides durability and aesthetic appeal. The device's ergonomic curves and soft-touch materials offer a comfortable grip, and the matte texture adds a touch of elegance. The inclusion of solid wood and AG composite material on the main board contributes to its premium build quality.

    The VOOPOO DRAG M100S is a beautiful mod with stunning finish options. The Matte Finish Series offers captivating colors, while the Wood Finish Series exudes elegance and classic appeal. With its delightful design and comfortable feel, the M100S fits perfectly in your hand, providing a pleasurable vaping experience.

    The VOOPOO Drag 4 also offers Resin Series and Wood Series. The Resin Series showcases a captivating and vibrant resin design, adding a touch of uniqueness to the mod. On the other hand, the Wood Series exudes a timeless and classic aesthetic, incorporating solid wood elements for an elegant and sophisticated look. Both series add to the beauty and appeal of Drag 4, allowing vapers to choose a design that suits their personal style.

    But obviously, DRAG M100S is more portable than VOOPOO Drag 4. Drag M100S will be an excellent choice if your customer prefers the lightweight one.

    Features Comparison: VOOPOO DRAG M100S Vs. VOOPOO DRAG 4


    VOOPOO Drag 4 Box Mod Kit

    VOOPOO DRAG M100S Mod Kit

    Max Power Output



    Battery Compatibility

    Dual 18650 Battery

    Single 18650/21700 Battery

    Tank Capacity

    5.5ml/4ml (US/Standard)

    5.5ml (Standard/US), 2ml (TPD)

    Coil Compatibility

    PnP Coil Series

    Dual in one Tech

    PnP Coil Series

    Dual in one Tech


    GENE Chipset

    GENE. TT 2.0 chip

    Airflow System

    Top Air Inlet Leakage-Proof

    Top Air Inlet Leakage-Proof


    Type-C Charging

    Type-C Charging


    RBA, Smart, ECO, TC Modes

    Wattage, Smart, ECO, TC Modes


    Zinc Alloy + Leather + Solid Woody (Resin)

    Curved Zinc Alloy + Darkwood/Padauk, Matte Series: Curved Zinc Alloy + AG Matte Finish

    Size (mm)

    52.4*25.4*147.3 (US/Standard), 52.4*25.4*142.7 (TPD)

    150.5*36*30 (Standard/US), 145.5*36*30 (TPD)

    Color Series

    Resin Series, Wood Series

    Matte Series, Wood Series

    UI Color Options

    Five options available

    Five options available

    When comparing the VOOPOO Drag 4 Box Mod Kit and the VOOPOO DRAG M100S Mod Kit, there are some notable differences to consider. The Drag 4 offers a higher maximum power output of 177W, which makes it a great choice for those who prefer more vaping power. It requires two 18650 batteries, while the M100S can operate with either a single 18650 or 21700 battery.

    In terms of tank capacity, the Drag 4 gives you options with 5.5ml or 4ml (US/Standard), whereas the M100S comes with a standard 5.5ml capacity and a 2ml option to comply with TPD regulations. Both kits are compatible with the versatile PnP Coil Series and feature a top airflow system to prevent leakage and enhance flavor extension. The dual in on Tech makes a dynamic taste and dense cloud, besides a longer lifespan for e-liquid consumption.

    Regarding the chipset, the Drag 4 features the GENE Chipset, known for its advanced performance, including its various modes such as RBA, Smart, ECO, and TC modes, giving users flexibility in their vaping experience. In contrast, the M100S is equipped with the more improved GENE. TT 2.0 chip, offering up-to-date controllable abilities. It offers the most powerful performance, fast ignition, and high boost. It also provides multiple vaping modes like Wattage, Smart, ECO, and TC modes, bringing you a vaping experience like never before.

    In terms of design, the Drag 4 combines zinc alloy, leather, and solid woody resin, giving it a stylish and durable appearance. The M100S features a curved zinc alloy body with options for a Matte Series or Wood Series finish. Both kits come with convenient Type-C Charging ports for easy and fast charging.

    Both kits offer multiple UI color options, allowing users to personalize their devices to their liking. Choosing between the Drag 4 and M100S depends on your desired power output, battery preference, tank capacity, and aesthetic preferences.

    Sub-ohm Vaping Performance

    As we know, the power output of a mod plays a crucial role in the overall sub-ohm vaping experience. Let's talk about the Drag M100S and Drag 4. The Drag 4 is a beast with a mighty maximum wattage of 177W, while the Drag M100S offers a still impressive 100W.

    As I took a drag from both kits, I noticed a distinct difference in the vaping experience. The Drag 4 provided a more open and airy draw, perfect for those who enjoy looser direct-to-lung (DTL) inhales. The clouds produced were undeniably denser, catering to enthusiasts who love creating massive vapor plumes.

    On the other hand, the Drag M100S, despite its slightly lower wattage, did not disappoint. Its vapor production was outstanding, and the flavor was truly remarkable. The e-liquid was thoroughly vaporized, resulting in a rich and satisfying taste that impressed me. Even for vapers who may not prioritize chasing massive clouds, the Drag M100S still delivers an exceptional vaping experience with its impressive vapor production and the extensive flavor it offers.

    Whether you're a cloud chaser or someone who just appreciates sub-ohm, both the Drag 4 and Drag M100S have something remarkable to offer regarding sub-ohm vaping performance.

    Is VOOPOO DRAG M100S Cheaper than VOOPOO DRAG 4?

    According to market research, the VOOPOO DRAG M100S is slightly cheaper than the VOOPOO Drag 4, with a rough price difference of $6. While both kits offer excellent features and performance, the slightly lower price of the DRAG M100S may appeal to vapers looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

    Pros And Cons

    VOOPOO Drag 4 Box Mod Kit:


    • The higher maximum power output of 177W is ideal for those who want more vaping power
    • Dual 18650 battery compatibility for longer battery life
    • Larger tank capacity options of 5.5ml or 4ml (US/Standard)
    • Versatile PnP Coil Series compatibility for different vaping preferences
    • Leakproof top airflow design for a satisfying vaping experience
    • PnP Dual In One coil for outstanding flavor and vapor production
    • GENE Chipset with various modes (RBA, Smart, ECO, and TC) for customization
    • Stylish design with a combination of zinc alloy, leather, and solid woody resin
    • Multiple color series options (Resin Series, Wood Series)
    • Convenient Type-C Charging for fast charging


    • Larger and bulkier size compared to the Drag M100S
    • Requires two batteries, which may be less convenient for some users

    VOOPOO DRAG M100S Mod Kit:


    • Compact and portable single battery mod device
    • Larger tank capacity options of 5.5ml (Standard/US), 2ml (TPD)
    • The maximum output power of 100W suitable for most seasoned vapers
    • Stylish design with solid wood and anti-glare matte finish
    • Leakproof top airflow design for a smooth vaping enjoyment
    • PnP Dual In One coil for outstanding flavor and vapor production
    • Versatile PnP Coil Series compatibility for different vaping preferences
    • TT 2.0 chip with multiple modes (Wattage, Smart, ECO, and TC)
    • Multiple color series options (Matte Series, Wood Series)
    • Convenient Type-C Charging for fast charging


    • Lower maximum power output compared to the Drag 4

    Both kits offer a great vaping experience, but the Drag 4 suits users who prioritize higher power output. At the same time, the Drag M100S is a compact and portable option with impressive vapor production and flavor. Consider your clients’ vaping preferences, power requirements, and size preferences when choosing between the two kits.

    Where to Wholesale the Newest VOOPOO DRAG M100S Mod Kits?

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    VOOPOO DRAG M100S Mod Kit

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