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Geek Bar Pulse is one of the most popular smart vapes out there, every wholesaler would want to have it in stock – a whole lot of it. That’s actually a good thing, you should have what the majority of your customers (including potential customers) want to buy. But, buying bulk Geek Bar Pulse flavors is one thing, selling them out is a whole different thing.

Being a sort-after product, there are lots of stores that sell the Geek Bar Pulse vape, you’ve got to be smart, creative, and ready to throw some cash on “certain things that matter,” for you to get loyal customers, as well as attract new ones daily. This article analyses some pro tips that could help you maximize Geek Bar Pulse sales in your store.

10 Pro Tips to Maximize Geek Bar Pulse Sales

These tips should skyrocket your sales number at least x4 when you implement them strategically.

1. Research the Most Popular Flavors

Smart vapes are relatively new – not so new, but they weren’t here some years ago. The smart vape wholesale market is gaining traction and keeps growing by the day, thanks to the increasing popularity of disposable vapes.

Geek Bar Pulse is among the market’s best-sellers, literally every wholesaler has it in stock, and of course, everyone wants to sell out theirs. Your first approach to recording more Geek Bar Pulse sales is by purchasing various flavors of the vape.

Geek Bar Pulse has more than 20 flavors available, you should have at least 15 of them available in bulk, in your store. But don’t just buy any flavor, buy the ones people search for the most.


geek bar pulse best selling flavors


2. Your Store Website Must Be SEO-Friendly

Here’s the underrated “tip.” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any website that seeks to appear on the top rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

But the truth is, making your eCommerce store SEO-friendly entails quite a lot such as building backlinks from reputable sites, publishing blogs, optimizing your website’s resources, keyword research, and implanting on-page tactics to reduce site load speed.

When your website is SEO-friendly, your products will rank on search engines and attract new customers searching for Geek Bar Pulse, daily.

3. Create a Blog

If your online store doesn’t have a “Blog” section, you really should create one and keep it updated regularly. The blog section should publish well-written content that promotes the Geek Bar Pulse flavors available in your store.

geek bar pulse banner

Also, this blog section should feature a user-friendly interface that allows visitors to easily navigate and read more topics. Tips on what to publish on your site’s blog include a comparison of Geek Bar Pulse flavors, the best Geek Bar Pulse flavors for winter/summer, and more.

4. Diversify Your Product Range

Yes, you want to sell Geek Bar Pulse vapes, but also, consider adding its competitor vapes from other brands. A lot of people want to buy Geek Bar Pulse, but they could be willing to try something new when convinced (maybe through a blog post). Consider adding other smart vapes from Geek Bar, too.

geek bar pulse

5. Your Pricing Matters

Now, this is the main point of the whole discussion. For sure, you are selling for profits, but then, in a competitive market like this one, you may want to consider listing your Geek Bar Pulse vapes with “fair” prices. More people would patronize a seller who offers them “fairly cheap” prices than sellers who list at a higher price.

6. Promotion is a Must

You must spend some cash to get that massive sale you seek. Promote your eCommerce store on forums, social media platforms, and every other platform where your potential customers could be. Paid promotions are among the surest ways to reach your potential customers and turn them into loyal shoppers.

promotion sale

7. Take Advantage of Trends and Seasons

Certain Geek Bar Pulse flavors sell the most in Summer; you should research and know which flavors are bought the most during certain seasons or periods. Now, during such time, ensure to have those flavors in stock, then run massive marketing on social platforms and other ad networks that support vape ad listing.

8. Stay Informed

The smart vape niche is highly competitive; new updates and information pop up on a daily. You should always stay in the know; keep up with the industry’s trends, follow new product release news, and see what’s next Geek Bar could bring to its Pulse vape pen series.

If there’s a new update to the Geek Bar Pulse series, try to be among the first stores to publish the news on your blog; this way, you will have more visitors to your blog because they know they will catch up with the latest.

9. Build an Online Community

This works like fire! Many well-known online stores have strong communities. This can come as a forum or social media group, where you engage with the members and share important information about Geek Bar Pulse vape. When you build a strong community around your online store, you will get constant patronage from the community members and their referrals.

online community vape

10. Heed your Customers' Complaint

Your customers’ complaints should be addressed; if customers indicate certain pain points during their shopping cycle, you should address those pain points to provide them with a seemless shopping experience. When your customers (especially new ones) have a seamless shopping experience, they will continue to come back.

What More?

These ten tips will definitely help you maximize your Geek Bar Pulse sales by at least 3x. Most importantly, your store should be optimized for SEO and you should have a blog where you publish articles relating to the products you sell. Those daily blogs you publish will help make your products appear more on search engine result pages; thus, improving your sales number by a huge margin.

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