VWG Points (Vape Wholesale Global Points)

1. What is VWG points?

VWG points are for VapeWholesaleGlobal users only. They can be used to deduct order amount, participate in various points related activities, Such as lottery, social media forwarding, referral registration, etc. VapeWholesaleGlobal is sparing no efforts to bring customers more benefits!

2. How to get VWG points ?

  1. Register an account and get 800 points at one time
  2. Place an order, Earn 1 points for every 1$
  3. Follow or share on social media to get 20~30 points
  4. Recommend your friends to join VapeWholesaleGlobal and both the referrer and referee can get 200 bonus points each.
  5. Stay tuned for more events that can earn you additional bonus points!
    Notice:For placing orders, only when orders are shipped completely will the points be added to your account automatically.

    3. How to use VWG points ?

    The points can be used to deduct the value of goods when placing order.

    1000 points = USD10, a maximum of 5000 points can be exchanged for a single transaction

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