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Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K is one of those mad-ass disposable vapes with a stunning design that captivates your attention. Offering up to 20k puffs of different taste-bubbling flavors in a big e-liquid tank. The built-in rechargeable battery charges pretty fast – the device gets fully charged in about 30 minutes.

Talking of flavors, the Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K offers some notable vape flavors such as apple lemon mint, blue razz ice, blueberry watermelon, and cherry blossom grape. In this article, we will look into the various flavors of this sought-after disposable vape. Not much of a long read, so you can easily scan through.

Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K Overview

The Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K doesn’t look so different from any other disposable vape you’ve known. However, the design is pretty much unique, and the display screen is definitely different from what you’ve seen on the others. This disposable vape generously offers up to 20,000 puffs and a “Boost” mode to intensify each draw.

pyne pod boost pro 20k

Inside the hood lies a 600mAh battery that recharges from 0% to 100% in less than 1hr; so, you’re not spending much time waiting for your device to charge. The display screen shows quite a lot of useful information, and the animations? Pretty much satisfying to watch. Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K is available in up to 12 flavors, but here are the best-selling ones to choose from.

Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K Best-Selling Flavors

These Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K flavors hit hard – just as you would love as a veteran – while still mild enough to entice a beginner.

1. Lush Ice

Get lost in a symphony of fruity flavors with the Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K Lush Ice flavor. This flavor is derived by blending different fruits (not specified, but really very cool) with menthol to give that icy twist that sends a chilled rush down your spine with each draw. Sounds like what you’d love to have a taste of? Yeah, you should.

pyne pod boost pro 20k lush ice

The lush ice flavor is not just among the best-selling Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K flavors, but it’s inarguably one of the best to vape. It is the flavor that awakens the tastebuds to fruity goodness while leading you through a distant desert of medley fruity scents you won’t want to stop perceiving. A trial would get you addicted, you were warned – hahaha.

2. Juicy Peach

You love peaches? Oh, well, my guess tells me you do, and peradventure I’m wrong, I would want to ask – “Why don’t you like peaches?” Okay, I would guess that’s because you’ve never had a good one before; if my guess is right, then you deserve a goddamn peach to experience the sweet flavor and soothing tones it delivers.

pyne pod boost pro juicy peach

Now, that’s for a real peach fruit; here, we’re talking of a vape juice infused with juicy peach flavor to deliver mild-kicking tones that set you on an invigorating island of fruity goodness. You can’t just get enough of this flavor – little wonder it’s among the fastest-selling flavors of the Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K smart vape. Care to have a taste? Be careful, you might get too addicted to this flavor.

3. Pineapple Mango Ice

A blend of the two tastiest fruits every fruit lover loves? Yeah, sounds more like it. Pineapples are such a sweet fruit and mangos? You can’t go wrong with mangos. Now, think of a balanced blend of these two tasty fruits – their alluring flavors coming together to produce a medley that goes along with ice chills as it enters your lungs.  

pineapple mango ice

Each draw of this flavor opens up your taste palate for more, and that’s how you keep wanting for more until you reach an equilibrium where you feel so damn good, that you may decide to take a break for another day or time. Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K Pineapple Mango Ice flavor is suitable for both beginners and veterans.

4. Raspberry Cherry Ice

The Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K Raspberry Cherry Ice is a perfect blend of fresh raspberries, some fruity cherries, and menthol for the icy tones to keep you refreshed and cool while on a sundrenched summer beach outing. This is a flavor for all seasons and occasions – I mean, the flavor’s definitely going to draw the attention of other enthusiast vapers around you.

pyne pod boost pro 20k raspberry cherry ice

But, it’s important to say that this flavor is quite hard-kicking, thanks to the tart raspberries. It also delivers a cool menthol blast to balance the excessive fruitiness feeling and freshness from the mixed raspberry and cherries. This is the right flavor for some time out alone, or when you want to think straight. Yeah, it’s that soothing.

5. Cherry Blossom Grape

This list was not made in any particular hierarchy, otherwise, this flavor here could have easily been the number one on the list. The cherry blossom grape flavor is a good feeling awaiting to be awakened. It is a balanced blend that marries the delicate floral notes of cherry blossoms with the rich, fruity essence of grape, to deliver a taste you’d never stop loving. It’s some kind of strong, ass-kicking flavor by the way, and many Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K shoppers seem to love it more.

pyne pod boost pro cherry bossom grape

6. Blueberry Watermelon

It seems every disposable vape has this flavor mix? You’re correct; you will find blueberry watermelon flavor for quite many smart vapes, and that’s because this is some serious-selling flavor – a lot of vapers just seem to love it, both first-timers and veterans seeking hard kicks.

pyne pod boost pro blueberry watermelon

Well, it’s a blend of fresh blueberries and some watermelons; the produce is an invigorating flavor that gets you to want to vape more. The harmonious blend of watermelon and blueberries gives you some cool tart notes from the berries accompanied by the juicy sweetness of watermelon. This flavor is suitable for all weather and seasons.

7. Peach Berry Ice

Now, that’s some real stuff here for the hardcore vaper. Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K Peach Berry Ice flavor is the epitome of goodness and freshness. It treats you with a delightful medley of juicy peaches mixed with berries for some tartness, and then infused with icy menthol to send cold chills for each puff. This flavor sells out quickly because it is both mild-kicking and hard-kicking, depending on your current vaping mode on the Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K vape.

peach berry ice pyne pod boost pro

8. Blue Razz Ice

Okay, lastly we got this as one of the best-selling Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K flavors. The blue razz ice flavor is one of the top choices for veterans. The reason is quite simple, the taste is exceptional and it just feels different. This flavor indulges you in the blissful tones of fresh blueberries and raspberries, complemented by a cool menthol sensation.

pyne pod boost pro 20k blue razz ice flavor

The Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K Blue Razz Ice flavor stands out with its unique taste and the feeling it sends through the spines is unimaginable. It is a flavor to vape at home, at the beach, while out with the boys/girls, when you go swimming, and everywhere else – a good flavor for first-timers and veterans.


Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K has got some of the best flavors any vaper would care to vape. These eight flavors are the best-sellers – literally means a lot of Pyne Pod Boost Pro fanatics love them. Well, these are awesome flavors that will awaken the goodness in anyone who draws and puffs them.


How Much Nicotine is in Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K?

As with all other legalized disposable vapes, the Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K contains only 5% nicotine in all its available flavors.

Is Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K for Beginners?

As long as you’re aged above 21, which is the legal year for you to vape, the Pyne Pod Boost Pro 20K is a good choice to start your vaping journey. There are a number of beginner-friendly flavors to get you started.

How to Enable Pyne Pod Boost Mode?

There’s a small, oval button at the top of the vape with an inscription that reads, “2-Click Activation.” Click the button two times to switch to Boost Mode with high voltage setting for intensified vaping.  

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