Wotofo nexMINI Sub Ohm Tank Replacement Coil

Resistance: D41 A1 nexMESH Coil(3pcs/pack)
40 g


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#D41 A1 nexMESH Coil:
The #D41 A1 nexMESH Coil also has a 0.2 Ohm resistance rating, and its ideal operating power is between 37W and 43W. You can expect a velvety and smooth hit of flavor with your vape while using the #D41 A1 nexMESH Coil.

#D42 Net Mesh Coil:
The #D42 Net Mesh Coil also boasts a 0.2 Ohm resistance rating, and it operates best between 45W and 55W. If you are looking for a more intense and warm flavor with each hit, the #D42 Net Mesh Coil is perfect for you.

#D43 Clapton Mesh Coil:
#D43 Clapton Mesh Coil boasts a 0.2 Ohm resistance rating and it operates best at 45-55W power levels with your favorite mod to deliver a rich and strong flavor with each hit of the vape. It is suitable for vape enthusiasts seeking a more flavorful experience.

#D44 Dual nexMESH Coil:
The #D44 Dual nexMESH Coil comes with a lower 0.15 Ohm resistance rating, and its best operating power is between 35W and 45W. With the #D44 Dual nexMESH Coil, you can expect to get a double-dense flavor experience with each hit of your favorite mod.

Brand: Wotofo
Unit: 3pcs/pack
Package: Simple Packing

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