How to Identify an Excellent Factory for Your Vape OEM/ODM Supply ?

I believe that you are aware that the majority of common brand does not manufacture the products on their own. They contract a third party to undertake the manufacturing on their behalf- this is a common practice in China. And that is the same thing in the vape industry today. Shenzhen, China, famously referred to as the world’s vaping capital, hosts numerous vape factories offering ODM and OEM services. Taking advantage of the city’s advanced infrastructure, it is easy to establish a disposable vape using your brand in just a month. (Sounds ridiculous.)

Getting a vape OEM manufacturer that you can fully rely on is a hassle itself, more so for those who are just entering the vape trade and have no experience in importing products from China. There are over 600 manufacturers of vape in Shenzhen, however, these companies differ and they each have their pros and cons.

Electronic cigarette manufacturers that are unreliable have a challenge of quality control, possible security risks, delays in production, deplorable product experience, etc.

Therefore, what strategy can you employ to identify an effective vape manufacturer? We put together a few ideas to help you with that.

1.Look for a Vape Factory That has been in Existence For Quite Long
Here we are referring to the length of time since they started involving in the business of vape OEM and not the time the company started its operations. This is among the most important factors to look out for when you want to get a reputable manufacturer. A vape factory that has passed the test of time is, of course, highly experienced in controlling quality. That's the foundation of their reputation.

2.Consider the Factory Size
Electronic cigarette OEM demands a huge amount of investment in terms of facilities, employee training, as well as R & D before its establishment. Therefore, those with the lion's share in the industry often employ modern technology to enhance their productivity. Most often, larger factories tend to enjoy a stronger manufacturing potential.

In addition, well-established factories are highly familiar with the main technology in e-cigarettes as well as lines of production with a production capacity that is guaranteed and can offer all OEM/ODM solutions for various brands that exist.

3.Get Samples from the Manufacturer
Contact or visit the factory to get samples of their products before you make a final decision. Once you get the sample, be keen on the quality of the product. Find out if there is a complete system that checks on quality and whether their quality standards are top-notch. If you cannot offer them your e-juice, be focused on the e-juice sampled for you, therefore you need to have a taste to find out whether you like it.

If the manufacturer is not keen on the samples offered to their customers, you won't expect them to do anything better in the next step of the partnership.

Final Thoughts
These principles are so important and can often help you uncover a dependable vape factory. Nonetheless, you still have to be keen and explore multiple companies.

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