Why Does A Vape Taste Burnt?

Vaping your favorite vape juice can be a divine experience. However, it can get sour when you take a puff out of your precious vape pen only to encounter a burnt taste in your mouth and the back of the throat. We recommend you buy vape juice from here https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-vape-juice/. There are several reasons your vapes might be tasting burnt. 

This might happen no matter what vaping devices you use, from a disposable vape to a vape mod. Although this is unpleasant, there are several simple fixes if you know what the problem is. This article will discuss the most likely causes of why your vape taste burnt and offer solutions.

What Causes a Burnt Taste When You Vape?

A burnt hit can be extremely uncomfortable to puff. It's almost impossible to continue vaping once you get that unpleasant sensation in your throat after taking a puff. Vapers adore the flavorful, calming vapor they produce after taking a drag. A burnt taste and a horrible sensation at the back of your throat, however, might result from a tiny error in the handling or care of your vape.

Your vape may be releasing "burnt" vapor, which can cause coughing fits and give you a sore throat, for a variety of reasons. A dry wick is frequently to blame for burned hits. This occurs when your vape's cotton wick is not sufficiently soaked with e-liquid. Although there may be other contributing factors, this is unquestionably the most likely one.

You could also have to put up with a bad taste on your tongue for the rest of the day after inhaling a burnt hit. In some circumstances, it may potentially harm your vape coil. These terrible scorched hits can occur with almost all types of vapes. There are a few causes for why this occurs with your vapes. However, you may not fully eliminate burnt hits until you know how to operate and care for your gadget appropriately. Before we look into the reasons and potential solutions for burnt hits, let’s explore what dry hits are.

Dry Hits Vs. Burnt Hits

It’s common among vapers to use these terms interchangeably. However, they are not the same but refer to two different things. Dry hits are no fun, but they are not nearly as unpleasant as burnt hits. Often, a person vaping might get a sensation of a “dry” hit. A dry hit will taste less flavorful than your regular hit. Also, you will exhale fewer vapors when experiencing a dry hit. This is likely to happen when the wick of your vape’s coil dries up a little. If you keep on taking dry hit after dry hit without fixing it, you’re much closer to experiencing the nastier burnt hit. Dry heat is often a warning sign of an impending burnt hit. What causes this chain of events?

Why Do Burnt Hits Occur?

When you activate the atomizer, a vape starts operating. The vape juice is heated by the atomizer and turned into vapor at that point. When your device lacks sufficient vape juice, the coil starts to burn the wick rather than heating the e-liquid. A dry hit occurs when the cotton wick becomes heated and the vaper pulls the heated vapor. Here are a few potential explanations for the burnt flavor of your vape.

Empty Tank

The most likely cause of your burnt hits is a dry wick brought on by an empty tank. The ports will be exposed when air is pulled if your wick is not sufficiently saturated owing to insufficient vape juice. So, rather than heating your vape juice, the atomizer ends up heating the coil to the point that it burns the wick. It may be pretty unpleasant to draw from this pen because you literally inhale the scent of burnt cotton.

Excess Wattage

Using your vapes above the recommended wattage can result in serious problems. The amount of e-liquid that vaporizes could increase if the wattage is set too high. A dry hit vape may follow if the wick is unable to absorb additional liquid at the same rate. If the wattage is too high, even with vape juice, the coil can burn the wick.

Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is the practice of taking nonstop hits from your vaping devices. While many vapers find this practice to be delightful, if you are not careful, it could ruin your experience. Chain smoking prevents your wick from having time to absorb additional e-liquid before the subsequent puff. As a result, the coil burns off the wick, leaving it dry and devoid of juice for vaporization. Chain vaping allows you to predict when a burnt hit will occur. If you feel a faint roasted flavor in your pull, you'll need to put your device down for a moment to allow the wick to saturate.

Your E-liquid Preference

You can utilize many e-liquid varieties in your vape pen. Several of these e-liquids are cheap, but they may harm your vape pen. Additionally, e-liquids with a high VG content are stickier compared to juices with a low VG content. They are therefore difficult to absorb by the wick. You might or might not be able to utilize high VG e-liquids, depending on your vape tank. While some devices can use high VG liquids, many cannot and only function with 50% PG.

Utilizing Old Coils

Burnt hits or other problems could result from using old vape coils. Your rechargeable vape pen should have its coil replaced at least once every three weeks. To avoid burned hits later, you should swap it out for a new coil.

Cold Weather

A temperature change can occasionally impact how your vape pen operates. The thickness of the e-liquid may frequently rise with a drop in temperature. When it gets too thick, the coil may get clogged and provide a dry hit.

Improper Coil Priming

When getting your device ready for its initial use, you must prime the coil. Depending on the device, there may be a difference in the coil priming process. But e-liquid is essentially soaked into your wick when you prime your coil. You must correctly prime your coils to avoid ever getting a burnt hit.

How Do I Prime My Coils to Avoid Burnt Hit?

The longevity and impact of your vape will be greatly influenced by how well you prime the coil. Depending on the device, priming the coil may vary differently.

The majority of vape tanks include replaceable coil heads and are typically fueled the same way. Every time your vape needs a new coil, you'll need to follow these easy instructions again.

  • Take apart your vape tank and remove the outdated coil.
  • Take the fresh coil out of its packaging.
  • Find the wicking holes on the coil, and add 3–4 droplets of e-liquid there.
  • Put your vape tank together and add juice.
  • Attach the tank to the mod of your device and leave it alone for a while.
  • To hasten the process, you may breathe in through the tank's top.
  • Try operating your device at the lowest advised wattage if your vape mod has an adjustable wattage level. To get to the appropriate wattage level, if necessary, you can progressively increase the wattage.

After this process, take note that some e-liquid may gather on the coil. As a result, the initial few puffs may result in some spitting back. There is a solution, though, if this keeps happening after some time. Increase the power of the vape pen just a little for a few puffs if you're using a device with adjustable wattage. Make sure you don't exceed the suggested maximum wattage level.

The Process of Priming a Refillable Pod

Refillable pod priming is incredibly simple because the coil does not need to be removed from the pod. Typically, these pods are sold without any vape juice inside.

  • Fill the pod with your favorite e-liquid.
  • Your vape device should be connected to the refilled pod.
  • Give it 10 to 15 minutes to settle.

To get liquid into the wicks, try sucking the pod. To be safe in the event that the gadget is draw-activated, make sure to do this without the battery. You won't receive a burned hit as a result of doing this. Additionally, when using these pods to vape, try starting with smaller puffs. Even when the wick is heavily saturated, taking longer puffs at first may still lead to burnt hits. This technique is similar to raising the wattage levels with an adjustable wattage mod.

How to Recognize a Burnt Coil

When you take a burnt hit from your vaporizer, that is the only indication that your coil is toast. You may still try to see whether the burnt taste is disappeared after a moment and if you can catch it before you start getting burnt hits. However, there isn't much you can do to fix a burnt-out coil. You would need to replace the coil in such circumstances.

If you catch a burnt coil early enough, you might be able to salvage it. First off, carefully remove the coil and wick from the device. Before removing the coil, ensure you have a bowl of hot water on standby. Drop the coil and wick it in hot water for a few minutes. This process helps to break up the debris lodging in the wick.

The task is finished by placing the coil in a bowl of cold water. You may clean the coil with vinegar diluted in hot water if you want to remove the burnt taste but don't want to change your coil just yet. However, using this cleaning technique can make your coil last less time. If your coil was correctly primed and has sufficient e-liquid in it but you're still getting the burnt flavor, there may be other underlying problems. You'd have to learn this while using your vape pen to know when to change your coil.

How Often Should You Change Coils?

Coils are not intended to last a lifetime. In actuality, you need to replace them frequently. Your coil won't last for a set amount of time. Its longevity is determined by a few variables. Keep in mind that not every coil will give you burned hits before it needs to be replaced. On the other hand, as coils age, they end up burning and emitting a bad flavor. Here are some elements that affect your coil's lifespan.

Frequency of Use

The coil in your vape typically lasts through a particular volume of e-liquid. Its lifespan is typically measured in days or weeks, although the best method to gauge it is how frequently someone uses it. Establishing a coil's lifespan per ml of liquid vaped is hence excellent. A coil needs to be replaced sooner the more frequently it is used. People who vape more regularly need to replace their coils more regularly.

Wattage Limits

The efficiency and durability of your coil can be significantly influenced by the wattage rating of the device. It can strain your vaporizer and reduce the lifespan of your coil if you utilize wattage levels that are closer to the highest level advised. Additionally, utilizing too little power could result in residue buildup, which could harm the coil.

E-Juice Composition or Coil Lifespan

The composition of your e-liquid may have some bearing on how long your coil will last. E-fluids with sweeter juices have a tendency to clog coils and have an impact on your coil. High-VG e-liquids are thicker and clog coils more easily. Although coils have no set expiration date, they can last anywhere between five days and three weeks based solely on usage frequency. They are more likely to survive longer if you prepared them properly. Additionally, sub-ohm coils might not endure as in the case of mouth-to-lung tanks.

Even if you haven't seen any changes after a week of regular use, it's a good idea to change your coil beforehand. If the flavor is lost gradually, you might not notice it until you get a new coil and notice how much better your vaping is as a result.

Can You Feel a Burnt Taste When Using Your New Coil?

If you've just replaced your coil, followed all the proper steps, and you're still getting a burnt flavor, your product may be defective. There will probably be some subpar coils on the market given the vast array of coils that are now accessible.  You can find yourself with a broken coil that doesn't function, possibly as a result of a manufacturing defect or another flaw. Try purchasing a new one if this occurs, ideally at a different store. If it was a batch issue, you're less likely to receive a second dud this way.

Some Prevention Methods for Burnt-Tasting Vape

Nobody wants to be exposed to dry or burned heat. In addition to everything we've already covered, following these particular instructions may help decrease your likelihood of getting a burnt hit.

  • Ensure the vape tank is completely filled

One of the basic principles of vaping is to always make sure your coil and wick are submerged in e-juice. The coil's tiny holes on the sides must be covered with e-juice at all times and should never be left open. The minimum required juice level will be indicated on a line on your device. Going below this level could result in horrible experiences because there won't be enough vape juice for the coil to evaporate.

 If your tank lacks this indicator, you must always make sure to top off your e-liquid whenever the levels are low. When you fill your tank, don't forget to prime the coils and make sure the coil head stays submerged entirely.

  • Change the Coil

Changing your coil often will guarantee you better vaping experiences all the time. As we stated earlier, coils do not expire. However, they will eventually get worse after being in use for a while. If your coil gets burnt, you’ll need to replace it to get rid of the burnt taste. Even though it may not result in burnt hits, the coil will need replacing.

Some compounds, such as sucralose sweeteners, may have a buildup in a coil as a result of regular use. This accumulation could hurt the wick's performance and the rate at which it absorbs e-liquid. Because of this, you might begin to observe that your hits have fewer flavors after utilizing the same coil for a while. Your e-juice may occasionally taste strange for no apparent reason. The coil should ideally be changed when this occurs.

  • Apply the Appropriate Wattage

It is imperative to use the proper power level for your vape. Check your wattage level if your tank is full and everything else is in place but you still have burnt hits. Problems can arise if you use your vape pen at a greater wattage than is advised. An ideal wattage is often listed on the package of coils. These suggestions are made by the products' manufacturers so that you can experience vaping to the fullest. Your vape juice may vaporize more quickly if you use too much power. As a result, your wick may start to dry out since your coil will be unable to hold enough e-juice to keep it moist.

Lower power than the one the manufacturer suggests is also the greatest starting point for your vape, just to be safe. If you're starting a new coil, lower the wattage at first and increase it gradually until you find the sweet spot.

  • Prime the Coil

Prior to vaping, priming your coil is crucial. Make sure you prime the coil before using whenever you change to a new coil or purchase a new vape. To do this, soak the coil and wick in e-liquid until they are completely submerged. The wick is visible through many port apertures on the sides of your coil head. Add 3 to 5 drops of e-liquid to the exposed wick of your coil until it is completely saturated.

You can proceed to fill your tank after this. Ensure that the wick in your vape is completely saturated with e-liquid before taking your first draw. Alternately, draw and "suck" liquid into the coil with the vaporizer. If your gadget is draw-activated, you must be sure to remove the battery before doing this. However, you must exercise caution while using this technique because it risks flooding your wick with e-liquid. Some devices today have auto-priming features. These gadgets automatically inject juice into the wick after each puff to keep it saturated.

  • Apply the Proper VG/PG Ratio

If you've ever used a vape juice, you're familiar with the PG/VG ratios. Vegetable glycerin is often referred to as VG, whereas propylene glycol is referred to as PG. A high VG vape juice will have a higher thickness since it contains more vegetable glycerin. As a result, such e-juice will be thick in consistency. The appropriate VG/PG ratio for your vape depends on the coil size and wattage of your device. Typically, smaller vape pens have coils with smaller heads. A liquid with a high VG content may cause wicking issues in these coils. This is because the thicker liquids may jam the tiny coils, leading to wicking problems that lead to burnt hits. Use less viscous juice that has a higher PG content for smaller coil heads.

Additionally, for vape coils that operate at lower wattages, it is better to utilize e-liquids with a high concentration of PG. You can determine the ideal PG/VG ratio for your device just by taking a quick look at your coil. Higher VG liquids work best for larger coils, while higher PG liquids work best for smaller coil heads. If the issue persists, you can experiment with changing the concentration of your e-juice until it resolves itself. Your vaping encounter would also be improved if you used the proper nicotine strength.

  • Don’t Involve in Chain Vaping

To maximize their vaping experiences, many smokers chain smoke. Because their e-juice has less nicotine, some users chain vape. However, chain vaping has several drawbacks. Chain vaping is the act of pulling successive puffs from your vape device without putting it down. Your vape juice may become excessively hot as a result of this. The juice would thus vaporize more quickly as a result.

The coil is not afforded ample time to recuperate and absorb the liquid when this occurs. As a result, the wick becomes dryer and may leave you with a badly burnt flavor. This could instantly turn you off and end your vaping experience. Draw from your vape slowly and for longer periods to avert this burnt taste. After each session, make sure to give your vape pen 10 to 20 seconds to rest before using it again. Before you draw again, this will enable the atomizer or wick to absorb additional liquid. Another fantastic approach to prevent these unpleasant hits is to take timed priming puffs without the battery.

  • Unclog the Wick

Juices that are colored and have a lot of sweeteners in them are difficult to avoid. These e-liquids, however, have a tendency to caramelize and clog your wick. However, this does not imply that you should stay away from those juices. It simply means you have to be more diligent about regularly cleaning your wick. Although pleasant, dark-colored juices will very readily clog your device. If you routinely use such juices, be careful to regularly rinse your coil. This assists in keeping it clear and reduces the likelihood of dry impacts.

  • Apply Temperature Control

You may set a maximum temperature for your coil with several vaping devices that are currently on the market. When the coil components are overheated, there are physical changes that may be observed with temperature control vapes. As soon as the adjustments are confirmed, the device "knows" that the temperature is too high and instantly cuts off power to the component. You can't vape with a TC device that doesn't have enough juice. Therefore, even if you intentionally tried to burn your wicks, a TC device would not permit you to do it. There will be no need to bother about adhering to the other rules if you had a TC device.

  • Use Smart Mode

The lower and upper wattage can be set using the smart mode on certain vaping devices. It might also recommend the best wattage for your coil, depending on the device.

Final Word: What Causes a Vape to Taste Burnt?

If you're a beginner vaper and have encountered your first burnt hit, it can be downright unpleasant and demoralizing. Nonetheless, this article demonstrates that there are simple solutions to stop it from occurring in the first place.

Compared to smoking, vaping is more enjoyable and safe. You can experiment with a variety of marijuana vapes, including THC vape pens.

You must frequently change your coils and adhere to the other recommendations we've provided here if you want it to remain fun. There are a few possible causes for the burnt flavor your vape may have. Overall, all it takes is a simple coil swap to fix the issue. Do not forget to first prime the coil.

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