How to Start an Online Vape Store

I'm not certain if you are aware of this, but the vape industry earns $18 billion annually. Because vape consumption is growing rapidly, this sort of trade will be a money magnet.

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If establishing an online vape shop is your dream, but you lack where to start, then this is the right place. In this article I’m going to guide you on how you can establish an online vape shop. Let's get started.

Before You Start–Pick a Method
Now, you need to understand that there are two ways you can establish such a business, you can operate it as a "drop shipping store"–you assign someone else the responsibility of shipping the products to your clients or, you purchase, store and then ship the vape goods yourself. After choosing a method, you’re now set to move to the next phase.

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Start Your Vape Business
Step 1: Find a Business Plan
In case you are blank on how a vape store functions or it is the first time you want to venture into an online business, I recommend you visit sites such as and download a business plan. You will get a plan that guides you on how the business is supposed to be operated and possible outcomes.

Step 2: Get a Supplier
If you intend to kickstart the business straight away but you have inadequate cash to fund inventory, you might need to visit Google and on the search box type “dropship vape products". Through this, you will get find a wide range of products that you can sell in your online shop immediately, without the need to purchase any one of them.
In case you have a little cash and you intend to be the manager of your inventory and have the products in your store for shipping, you can google “wholesale vape products or wholesale vape supplies”. Here you will notice that the listings have changed. You can find a company that can supply you with a variety of vape products at great discounts.

Step 3: Register the Business
So, here is where you make your business legal. Accepting payments for services cannot be possible before this step is complete. During registration, you will also have to apply for your federal EIN Number and become a corporation or LLC. You can use a site such as MyCorporation since it has a range of packages that you can choose from. You can get started right away with their most basic package.

Step 4: Get a Business Account for the Business
Upon settling on a business name and completing the registration process, it's now time to get a business account for the business. Opening an account is very easy, but you must first have the legal incorporation documents, as well as the EIN mentioned earlier. You can use your local bank where you are already a customer or opt for a new one.

Step 5: Purchase Branding
One of the most critical parts of starting an Vape store is branding, since it is the identity of your brand that leaves a great impression on your first-time customers. You can use 99designs since it enhances the process and offers you what you are looking for.
In terms of marketing, Envato can serve you with great materials since they have a wide range of graphics that can apply to any business in demand you can think of. For vape stores, it is recommended you first design a logo, banners for email marketing, and a few social media graphics. You will get a “brand identity” pack to kick off your business.

Step 6: Get a Website Name
Getting web hosting is your next step. For this purpose, you can opt for Bluehost since they are the best choice for e-commerce websites. It allows you to confirm whether the website name exists at no cost and if you use their packages, you’re discounted. They offer a free domain, ad credits, free SSL, and round-the-clock tech support. Upon purchasing a Bluehost plan, you will get the login details. Once you have the information, you can share it with your web designer.

Step 7: Get a Web Designer
In case you have not heard about Fivver, it is a platform where you can hire someone to get web development, as well as marketing services, done quickly. You only need to type what you're looking for in the search section and you will be able to get tones of freelancers to choose from. Your website will be up in 3 days or fewer. Upon identifying the individual you want to work with, share with him/her your Bluehost details, not forgetting your plans and visions.

Step 8: Create Your Merchant Account
As your website is in the development process, you'll have to create a merchant account that your clients can use to make payments. It's time to earn! A good number of businesses rely on PayPal, stripe, or square. Square is highly recommended because it makes accepting online payments via the phone, email, or website super easy. It is free to sign up with Square, and upon signing up, share the details with your web developer to finalize the integration phase.

How Will You Earn?
Now, everything is set to run. You are now the owner of an online vape store! Be optimistic that everything will work out well and vapers will find solace in your goods.

Okay, this is where you will have to select various products to sell. At the moment, the most marketable goods are vape kits, disposable vapes, e-liquids, batteries, tanks and so on.

Any vaper will eventually find a reason to purchase these goods. So, make them readily available for them.

I’m sure you’re now asking yourself how much do you need to accomplish all this? When you decide to become a drop ship supplier, you will need an average of between $500 and $1500 to start the business. However, if you want to finance your inventory, be armed with huge bucks, since you will need your own spacious warehouse for inventory storage and a few employees.

It is obvious that many individuals have dreams of becoming business owners and self-employed, but they are unsure of where to begin. So, I hope that this article has offered you some hope towards achieving your dreams.

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