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Having a reliable vape wholesale partner that supplies you with high-quality products at reasonable and affordable prices is the key to the success of your vape business. This is especially important since great and affordable products are likely to bring in more customers as they will spread the word to other people who have interests.

As you get the best vape wholesale supplier and offer your customers great prices for products, ensure that you always make the products available and practice good customer service. That will help you sit on a pile of profits in sustainable manner.

This guide has put together several criteria to follow when finding the best vape wholesale dealers. Read further down and see how it will help your business.

5 Criteria for the Best Vape Wholesale Partner

How close is your vape wholesaler? Location is the first thing you should consider. Getting a wholesale supplier who is closer to you is the best cause of action. A closer supplier means faster delivery, lower shipping costs, and better customer support since you have common business hours, and you communicate in the same language. Imagine a situation where you run out of products on a Tuesday evening, with a closer supplier you are likely to get another stock by Thursday without having to pay for shipping.

If there’s no trustworthy vape wholesaler in your city or even country, look at those suppliers who run international business. Lots of them are located in the US and China, while they have respective pros and cons as follows:

Advantages of US vape wholesaler
• Shipping happens fast and takes the shortest time possible
• Commendable customers support and service
• Regular working hours that are likely to match with your business hours

Disadvantages of US vape wholesaler
• The products you can select from are limited
• New items quickly get out of stock
• Products only stay in stock for 2-3 months
• Prices are higher

Advantages of Chinese vape wholesaler
• Low prices
• Earliest access to any new products
• Availability of an extensive variety of products
• One can order the same products indeterminately
• Products hardly go out of stock

Disadvantages of Chinese vape wholesaler
• Shipping and leading take longer
• Time zones are different
• You have little to no protection from crooked companies
• MOQs or tiered pricing
• RMA or warranty work is complex and expensive

Brands and Products
The variety of products and brands that a certain wholesaler supplies is different from another. Different companies have different preferences based on the manufacturers they do business with. Ensure that you settle for companies that offer a wider variety of products with well-known and growing brands.

A great advantage of sorting out these companies is helpful reducing your costs. This is because a company that does not stock up many of the products you are looking for is likely to supply you with the product at significantly higher prices than those who do so. To identify whether a vape wholesaler can offer a variety of brands and products, check if they can:
• Provide you with a wide variety of vaping products from tiny disposable vapes to fully featured mod vapes. It is essential even though you sell only vape juices—source from wholesalers who offer e-juices in various nicotine levels, flavors, and sizes.
• Offer the latest products fastest. In a case where you find a wholesale supplier stocking up products that are out of date, it is advisable that you stay away.
• Set eyes on vape wholesalers who stock up on products that you are interested in selling. Ensure that your supplier aligns with your business projections.

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping and delivery services that are favorable for you are a key element in boosting your vape business. The quicker your vape products get to you, the better results you’ll get. When this process takes less time, you’re freer to reduce inventory and in turn achieve better capital turnover. Besides, you’re also able to have quicker responses to out-of-stock products. In simple terms, the best shipping date is the same date that you make your order.

Some vape wholesale suppliers have favorable shipping policies, like free shipping when your order exceeds a certain price. Even in cases where shipping is not free, these companies offer reasonable discounts.

A great tip that you should know is that companies that offer free two-day shipping services are likely to increase the price on certain items compared to a company that doesn’t. When looking at the shipping policy, go for cheaper and faster shipping.

Warranty / Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy
Warranty and RMA policies are aspects that most vape stores might ignore since they concentrate more on the prices. Even though you manage to buy a product at much lower prices, you should still ensure that a good RMA process is put in place. RMA allows you to find out whether you need to pay back shipping fees. Also, the timeframe within which you can return the items need to be specified as well.

On the other hand, some companies just refuse to take back items for arbitrary reasons. This, therefore, means that even if you have the opportunity to save a few dollars when purchasing goods, but will end up with a large number of products that you cannot use.

Product Authenticity
When buying vape products directly from the brand’s official store, you are sure that your products are 100% authentic and genuine. But when buying your hardware from vape wholesale companies, you will need to verify the authenticity of the products.

It’s a necessity to ask a vape wholesaler to offer you brand authorization letters, so that you won’t find yourself possessing counterfeit products.

Should I buy my e-liquids from distribution companies?
The definite answer to this question is a big no. you should instead purchase your e-liquid directly from the manufacturer if it is possible. Buying from a distribution company will leave you paying more for the e-liquid than you would from the manufacturer. In some situations, however, it makes sense to purchase from a distribution company rather than the manufacturer, like when:
• You love the product, but the service is terrible;
• You are not able to contact the manufacturer;
• The manufacturer will take a lot of time to ship, and the shipping prices are high;
• You would rather pay higher prices to get everything in one place;
• You have had many situations where the manufacturer keeps messing up your order;
• The capability of buying multiple brands from one place.

In the following cases, it is better to buy e-liquids from the manufacturer:
• To get lower and more supple prices
• When you’re looking to get faster access to new products
• The distribution company may stop selling their brand
• To get extra support in form of samples, free product/swag, and advertising opportunities

Final Thoughts
In conclusion, Vaping industry gives a good and equal opportunity to vape business owners, as long as you are able to assess various scenarios, and work strategically to take full advantage of every single business opportunity that comes along.

One of the effective strategies is to do business with about 3-5 wholesalers and retain them depending on how well they worked on your order. Also, make a point of searching for the same product from three different wholesale companies and compare the prices. The last important tip is to make sure that you directly contact your wholesale representatives before you make any purchases. This will come in handy especially when you are buying a large amount of a specific product.

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